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5 Tips to Deliver Best Sales Presentation

When you are in front your customers presenting your story, there could be many emotions running through you. The success of a sales presentation is beyond these emotions. Being able to look at your own sales presentation in a disengaged mode can give you a great learning. Well, I did this exercise for myself, I came up with these 5 scenarios and the best ways to handle them to deliver a best sales presentation. Here are those:

Not without my Sales Deck

Ever had a hard time choosing between leading the presentation yourself or letting the deck do the talking? It could be a red flag. Juggling between your thoughts and the deck could lead to the death of the conversation, especially if the deck is data heavy and has complex diagrams.

Expert Advice: Have a presentation deck only to bring mental clarity to your audience. Play the main role, let the deck be a support.

The Big Question in a Presentation

If you break out in a sweat because of a question that you didn’t expect from your audience and scramble to provide a satisfactory reply, we’ve got news for you. Getting defensive and making up an answer can put you in an awkward situation, especially since your client can see it all.

Expert advice: Better to be authentic no matter what

Handling Technical Issues

Wondering what to do when the page does not load causes unnecessary strain on the otherwise perfect presentation. Whatever the reason, blaming the external factors isn’t helping you.

Expert Advice: Demo need not be on the actual product, pictures are fine too for closing the loop

Pricing? Too Early in a Sales Meeting

“What’s the price?" pipes up the client while you’re in the middle of a flawless presentation. Confused? Did they like it so much or are they trying to avoid the rest of the presentation?

Expert Advice: Deferring the pricing question until the context of the value is set and agreed helps

The Dreaded Word in a Sales Presentation

A nightmare for any salesperson - Why don’t you email us?”. The deadliest outcome that you'd have imagined before the meeting because it doesn’t denote progress for sure; Moving an ongoing conversation from in-person (or on-call) to email is like setting the stage ready to let the conversation die.

Expert Advice: Asking what specifically to share on the email and how will it help move the needle helps

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